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The Burgundy Briefcase

Lee Lindsey, a widow, moves to Tallahassee, Florida to get her doctorate in marriage and family therapy from the Florida State University. As her relationship with Frank evolves, she uses the theories she learns to work on the relationship.

Cover_ThumbA product of the sixties, Lee enters her marriage and family therapy doctoral program at the Florida State University to learn how family systems work. Two years into her program, she meets and begins to date Frank Islip. When he is diagnosed with prostate cancer, she is thrown back to her late husband’s cancer diagnosis. In the midst of completing her classwork and preparing for the next step in her journey, her fourteen-month relationship with single Frank Islip becomes a sham when he reveals that he harbors secrets. Their relationship tests her beliefs about herself, about therapy, and about her integrity.

As her life moves forward, Lee moves back in time, through conversations with her two best friends and journaling. She discovers how her culture, her previous relationships with men, with her family and with herself contribute to her blind-spot about the real Frank Islip. Will Frank’s past prevent the continuation of their relationship? Will it prevent Lee from obtaining her doctorate?

Coming in the Spring of 2014.


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